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Atari Generation 1


- LED, no high voltage

- direct replacement, edge connectors included

- optional alternative connector


My displays need a bit more current from the 5 Volt than the original displays, so an additional 5 Volt external power supply or some wires to the Atari 5 Volt supply need to be done!

Match / Credit display

Use these LED digits (or similar ones, make sure you order 0.56" digits with common cathode).

Not tested yet! Pictures to come.

Score display

Version 1.2 can be assembled by JLCPCB. You only need to place the ICs in the sockets and solder the four 'big' LEDs.

​Needed ICs and the LEDs can be found in my Reichelt shop cart.

Version 1.2 (assembled by JLCPCB )
in an Atari Middle Earth (thanks to Jim for providing the picture)

combined Score & Match/Credit display (LCD)

for testing 'on the bench'

For the 4x20 LCD display you can use the one from the 'Reichelt shop cart' or any other HD44780 compatible display ( LCD display on Aliexpress )

LCD in action