BallyFA - a Bally MPU based on a low cost FPGA

This is a 1:1 functional replacement to a original Bally MPU, without the additional features of a LISY35, but with much faster boot and lower costs. You can build a BallyFA for less than 50 Euros!

Current prototype is working, tests finished, Version 1.x in development.

Only a few bugs left with the current prototype (see status below)

BallyFA 0.99

For BallyFA 0.99 you need a SD card with the BallyFA Image and an SD card Adapter.

At the moment 49 different Bally Games are supported and can be selected via S5 'Game Selection.

For each game BallyFA all software settings, Highscores, .. are stored independently.

BallyFA is working 99%, known bugs:

- some random digits at boot time on display

latest Version:

0.99.01 - 08.08.2020 - better init at boot time, no solenoid actitivities anymore

0.99.02 - 12.08.2020 - solved bug with 4K proms,a ll games should work now

0.99.03 - 13.08.2020 - solved 'S33' bug, bookkeepin should work now

0.99.04 - 23.08.2020 - again 'solved' solenoid activity at boot time (hopefully)

0.99.06 - 01.10.2020 - better nvram/eeprom handling; D1 now indicates possible SD card error

Note: use Win32DiskImager to write the image to an SD card of your choice (Size: 128MB minimum)