GOSOF  'DIP' version

Gottlieb Soundboard on FPGA


( - emulation of ALL System1 soundboards -> planed, not available yet )

- emulation of ALL System80 & 80A soundboards (including speech)

 - emulation of early System80B soundboards (see list below)

- speech capabilities without the 'rare' SC-01 speech chip

- 5Volt only, no additional powersupply needed

- easy update of software via 'USB Blaster'

The speech is generated via a cheap MP3 player device, giving the opportunity to change the speech easily.

Gosof80 v2.1.1

Documentation & Software


- DFplayer and SD card is only needed for games with speech

- All components in 'DIP' format, no preassembling available.

- Gottlieb rom code need to be stored on the micro SD card in the 'micro SD shield' Adapter. Special format needed, have a look to the user manual!

- In addition to the PCB and the components listed you need the cheap Alterra Cyclone II dev board which is available on eBay for 15€ or so. Search for "Altera CycloneII EP2C5T144". Make also sure you also include, at least one, programmer (USB Blaster) in your order.

how to order your Gosof PCB

Have a look to the PCB documentation section.

Needed Gerber Data, you find below.

devices supported

See below if your game is supported, at the moment with software v0.3

all games with MA55, MA216 & MA390 soundboards are supported; more games will be added over time!

If you try it with your game, please give me feedback!

System1 Multi Sound

Totem - Hulk - Genie - Buck Rogers - Torch - Roller Disco - Asteroid Annie.

Not supported yet! Will be added with next hardware version as the Sys1 connector is different then the sys80 connector.

MA 55 Soundboard

Panthera - Spiderman - Circus - CounterForce - StarRace -James Bond - Time Line - Force II - Pink Panther - Eclipse

"export" versions of  Volcano - Black Hole - Devil's Dare

All working 'on the bench', feedback needed

MA 216 Soundboard

Mars - tested, works

Volcano - working 'on the bench', feedback needed

Black Hole - tested, works

Devil's Dare - working 'on the bench', feedback needed

Rocky (no speech files, implementation upon request)

Striker (no speech files, implementation upon request)

Q*Bert's Quest (works partially, feedback needed)

Caveman (works partially, feedback needed)

MA309 Soundboard

Haunted House - Spirit - Krull - Goin'Nuts - Super Orbit - Royal Flush Deluxe

All working 'on the bench', feedback needed

MA 490 Soundboard

Amazon Hunt - Rack'Em Up - Ready... Aim... Fire! - Jacks to Open - Touchdown - Alien Star - The Games - El Dorado City of Gold - Ice Fever
Bounty Hunter - Chicago Triple Play - Tag Team Pinball

Not supported yet! Will be added ASAP