Gottlieb Soundboard on FPGA for System80

Field Programmable Gate Arrays are great devices, I wanted to dig into that area a bit and of course I choosed to use it for pinball Hardware.

GOSOF80 is based on this Code I found on Github. I replaced the PS2 routines by 4 Input lines (compatible to Gottlieb ) added a dip switch to select the game and produced a PCB with Gottlieb compatible connctors.

What do you need?

The solution uses the cheap Alterra Cyclone II dev board which is available on eBay for 15€ or so.  Search for "Altera CycloneII EP2C5T144" and make sure you buy the version with seperate connectors, as for GOSOF80 the connectors need to be placed on the bottom side. Make also sure you also include order the programmer (USB Blaster) in your order.

For the Gottlieb Soundboards with spech capability ( Votrax SC-01 speech chip  ) GOSOF80 uses a cheap MP3 Player module ( DFPlayer Mini). On the SD card the speeches are stored as wav files. You can choose the original speeches or create your own!



On the bench I was able to emulate ALL Gottlieb System 80 and 80A soundboards and a few early 80B soundboards as well. A 'GOSOF80B' for system80B soundboard is planed, Tests in real pinball machines are running.

Games in bold are reported to be running in a real pinball. For the MA55 soundboard one image provides ALL Gottlieb games which you can select by S2 'Game Selection' on the board. For all other soundboard types I do provide one image per game. For maes with speech you also need to download the 'wav ZIP file' and extract it to an SD card, to be put into the MP3 player on the board.

You can download the image for the FPGA ( '.pof' format ) by click on the gamename.

Panthera - Spiderman - Circus - CounterForce - StarRace -James Bond - Time Line - Force II - Pink Panther - Eclipse

"export" versions of  Volcano - Black Hole - Devil's Dare

with speech < download wav ZIP for MP3 player>
Mars - Volcano - Black Hole - Devil's Dare - Rocky - Striker - Q*Bert's Quest - Caveman
without speech
Haunted House - Spirit - Krull - Goin'Nuts - Super Orbit - Royal Flush Deluxe

Amazon Hunt - Rack'Em Up - Ready... Aim... Fire! - Jacks to Open - Touchdown - Alien Star - The Games - El Dorado City of Gold - Ice Fever
Bounty Hunter - Chicago Triple Play - Tag Team Pinball