latest news

25.11.2020 new supported gameslist for BallyFA, 4 Stern games added

18.11.2020 BallyFA and GottFA80 ready

15.11.2020 Gottlieb LCD Testdisplay 'Godi180' ready

05.09.2020 new image 5.26-26. Sound extensions for LISY35 and solves I2C problem with 5.26-19

01.09.2020 new section FPGA MPUs

25.08.2020 updatet history section

23.08.2020 added Gerber Data for LISY_Home, Solenoidboard, Displayboard and Ws2812B_driverboard

19.11.2019 LIYS Image update to 5.25-15 with support of latest Raspberry 4B+

11.11.2019 LISY35 Hardware Version 1.5 released