GOSOF  'DIP' version

Gottlieb Soundboard on FPGA


( - emulation of ALL System1 soundboards -> planed, not available yet )

- emulation of ALL System80 & 80A soundboards (including speech)

 - emulation of early System80B soundboards (see list below)

- speech capabilities without the 'rare' SC-01 speech chip

- 5Volt only, no additional powersupply needed

- easy update of software via 'USB Blaster'

The speech is generated via a cheap MP3 player device, giving the opportunity to change the speech easily.

Gosof80 v2.1.1

Documentation & Software


- DFplayer and SD card is only needed for games with speech

- All components in 'DIP' format, no preassembling available.

- Gottlieb rom code need to be stored on the micro SD card in the 'micro SD shield' Adapter. Special format needed, have a look to the user manual!

- In addition to the PCB and the components listed you need the cheap Alterra Cyclone II dev board which is available on eBay for 15€ or so. Search for "Altera CycloneII EP2C5T144". Make also sure you also include, at least one, programmer (USB Blaster) in your order.

how to order your Gosof PCB

Have a look to the PCB documentation section.

Needed Gerber Data, you find below.

devices supported

See below if your game is supported.

At the moment with software v0.6 all System80 & 80A games are supported

System1 will be added with next HW release.

If you try it with your game, please give me feedback!

System1 Multi Sound

Totem - Hulk - Genie - Buck Rogers - Torch - Roller Disco - Asteroid Annie.

Not supported yet! Software working. Will be added with next hardware version as the Sys1 connector is different then the sys80 connector.

MA 55 Soundboard

Panthera - Spiderman - Circus - CounterForce - StarRace -James Bond - Time Line - Force II - Pink Panther - Eclipse

"export" versions of  Volcano - Black Hole - Devil's Dare

All working 'on the bench', feedback needed

MA 216 Soundboard

Mars - tested, works

Volcano - working 'on the bench', feedback needed

Black Hole - tested, works

Devil's Dare - working 'on the bench', feedback needed

Rocky (no speech files, implementation upon request)

Striker (no speech files, implementation upon request)

Q*Bert's Quest (works partially, feedback needed)

Caveman (works partially, feedback needed)

MA309 Soundboard

Haunted House - Spirit - Krull - Goin'Nuts - Super Orbit - Royal Flush Deluxe

All working 'on the bench', feedback needed

MA 490 Soundboard

Amazon Hunt - Rack'Em Up - Ready... Aim... Fire! - Jacks to Open - Touchdown - Alien Star - The Games - El Dorado City of Gold - Ice Fever
Bounty Hunter - Chicago Triple Play - Tag Team Pinball

All working 'on the bench', feedback needed