Gottlieb Soundboard on FPGA

With Gosof you can replace your Gottlieb Soundcard. I have two versions at the moment:

Gosof DIP

All components in 'DIP' format, no preassembling available. In addition to the PCB and the components listed you need the cheap Alterra Cyclone II dev board which is available on eBay for 15€ or so. Search for "Altera CycloneII EP2C5T144". Make also sure you also include, at least one, programmer (USB Blaster) in your order.


Almost all components are preassembled by JLC.

Note: at the moment ( Mai 2021) there is a general shortage of Altera FPGA chips. Until the Cyclone IV chip I'm using here is back in stock at JLCPCB you cannot order preassembled boards at JLCPCB!