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Welcome to the LISY development page

On this webside I do offer my projects around pinball games.

Gottlieb, Bally and Williams replacement CPUs, test equipment, displays, driverboards and more ... All of my projects are DIY (do it yourself) projects and I do provide all information for free.

As this is a private project with NO commercial interest the author accepts no liability for any damage that may arise by using  hardware or software published on this webside!

my MPU replacement PCBs, which one to choose best ...

If you just want a replacement MPU which is close to the original best to choose one of my FPGA ('xxxxFA') MPUs. They do have faster boot, more compatibility (hardware emulation) but less features compared to LISY. Be aware that even the PCBs can be preassembled by JLCPCB you need basic soldering skills. Also basic personal computer skills are needed for installing programs to write my images to micro SD cards and program the FPGA via USB Blaster interface are required.

GottFA1 - for Gottlieb System1
GottFA1_PLuS - for Gottlieb System1; with integrated powersupply & driverboard
GottFA80 - for Gottlieb System80
GottFA80_PLuS - for Gottlieb System80; with integrated powersupply & driverboard

WillFA7 - for Williams system3 up to system7 games; with integrated driverboard
WillFA11 - for Williams System11 & Data East games
BallyFA - for Bally EE
RecelFA - for Recel System3 games

If you want to 'experiment' a bit, like to modify your pinball and want to have a device which is also capable to do diagnostic via a web page best to choose one of my LISY ( LISYxx) MPUs. Here you need, in addition to the skills above, a basic understanding of the Linux operating system, Raspbery PI and PIC devices.

LISY1 - for Gottlieb System1
LISY80 - for Gottlieb System80
LISY35 - for Bally EE

But as said, you only need a basic understanding of all these things to create a DIY MPU.I have tried to make it as simple as possible. Read the manuals and instructions I do provide for each of my projects.

If, after that, there are still open question do not hesitate to contact me.

Have fun!

some shortcuts to my other projects ...

For a complete list use the navigation menu.

LED based displays
for Gottlieb & Bally

miscellaneous projects

sound replacement
for Gottlieb

how to make your PCB

test equipment

all PCBs are created with Target3001!