Welcome to the LISY development page

On this webside I do offer my projects around pinball games.

Gottlieb, Bally and Williams replacement CPUs, test equipment, displays, driverboards and more ... All of my projects are DIY (do it yourself) projects and I do provide all information for free.

As this is a private project with NO commercial interest the author accepts no liability for any damage that may arise by using  hardware or software published on this webside!

The 'classic' LISY. Replace your Gottlieb, Bally or Williams MPU with one of the LISY variants. LISY is based on pinmame and runs on Raspberry PI
Gottlieb & Bally replacement MPUs based on FPGA. Faster boot, more compatibility (hardware emulation) but less features compared to LISY
Williams MPU replacement for system3 up to system7 games with driver board included.
LED based displays
for Gottlieb & Bally

miscellaneous projects

sound replacement
for Gottlieb

how to make your PCB

test equipment

all PCBs are created with Target3001!