GottFA80 - a Gottlieb System80 MPU based on a low cost FPGA

This is a 1:1 functional replacement to a original Gottlieb System80/System80B MPU, without the additional features of a LISY80, but with much faster boot and lower costs. You can build a GottFA80 for less than 50 Euros!

Bild in Lightbox öffnen (open image in lightbox). GottFA80 in a System80 Panthera pinball

Gerber data is version 1.0. In the BOM you will find position 7 duplicated ( 7a & 7b) You can use option 7a (32 diodes) OR 7b (4 diode arrays) because the Diode array (D9-1C) is not easy to purchse outside Germany.

Due to copyrigth on Gottlieb roms the SD card does not contain any rom code, but do provide the right struture for GottFA80. Have a look at the user manual to see how you can copy your rom images onto the Sd card.


In tests it show up that late System80B games do no work ( Hot Shots, Big House, Bad Girls, Bonebusters and Night Moves ). This is due to the fact that these games have a 4KByte game prom and the FPGA I'm using for GottFA80 is already at limits with th 2K prom version of the earlier games.

I will make a Version 2.x of GottFA80 with a (bigger) FPGA which will then be integrated on the PCB, This FPGA will be preassembled by JLC like it is today already for my latest FPGA soundboard.

other know limitations:

- displays showing garbage at startup ( 80 & 80A )

planed extensions:

- boot message to show GottFA SW version and DIP settings at startup

- better refresh routine for displays 80 & 80A ( no flickering )

Let me know in case you are looking for other extensions or identified bugs!


23.01.2021 v.093 freeplay option added

15.01.2021 v.090 bug: 'sound playing at startup' fixed