LISY Image

The LISY Image is based on raspbian stretch and can run on all LISY MPUs with all variants of Raspberry PI. Just download the latest Image (zip-format) unzip it to '.img' format and write it to your SD Card ( 8GByte minimum).

See the LISY user Manual for details.

Update of a running LISY system

The zip file containing the full LISY Image has around 2Gbyte size. If you have a running Version of LISY Version 5.21-40 or later you can do an incremental update by using LISY_control. Incremental udate is only around 30Mbyte size.

LISY_control supports updates via Internet and from local disc via Webbrowser.


18.09.2019 Version 5.25-3 solved bug which prevented start LISY without a wireless LAN (e.g with PI-Zero )

10.09.2019 Version 5.25-2 optional 'one_shot' mode for simple flasher added

06.09.2019 Version 5.25-1 MPF LISY API update to 0.09, simple flasher for all LISY variants

21.08.2019 Version 5.24-9 LISY35: LISYcontrol test for internal soundcard

13.08.2019 Version 5.24-2 LISY35: Soundcard support and faster boot

07.08.2019  Version 5.23-4 MPF update to 0.52, LISY35 added to mpfserver

30.07.2019  Version 5.22-38 lisy_control, all variants: update from local (PC) disc possible

22.07.2019  Version 5.22-31 lamps 'blink mode' added in lisy35_control, clockscale added for LISY1

30.06.2019  Version 5.22-18 fixed bug 'no highscores' for LISY1

26.06.2019  Version 5.22-3 Solenoid bug lisy80_control solved

25.06.2019  Version 5.22-2 lisycontrol does now try wlan severall times

10.06.2019  Version 5.21-40 added (again) mpfserver, fixed hotspot bug