Version 5.x

LISY 5.x is based on raspbian stretch and can run on all LISY MPUs with all variants of Raspberry PI.

If you have a running Version of LISY Version 5.21-40 or later you can do an incremental update by using LISY_control in Client mode. For this use the URL '' in the menu 'update the system' within LISY_control.


16.05.2019  Version 5.15  has seperate Partition for nvram, full update needed

16.05.2019  Version 5.16 solved bug in start of LISY_control

18.05.2019  Version 5.17 LISY35: solved bug with some Solenoids moving when playing sounds

19.05.2019  Version 5.18 LISY35: solved bug with continous Solenoids

22.05.2019  Version 5.19 LISY35: another try to correct sounds, Solenoid PIC v.4.15 for LISY35 needed

22.05.2019  Version 5.20 LISY35: try to solve generell Bugs which came with 5.19… , Solenoid PIC v.4.16 for LISY35 needed

24.05.2019  Version 5.21 LISY35:  solved Solenoid Bug. Solenoid PIC v.4.17 for LISY35 needed

10.06.2019  Version 5.21-30 all LISY, changed versioning, fixed WLAN connect Problem with PI Zero, full update needed

10.06.2019  Version 5.21-40 added (again) mpfserver, fixed hotspot bug

25.06.2019  Version 5.22-2 lisycontrol does now try wlan severall times

26.06.2019  Version 5.22-3 Solenoid bug lisy80_control solved

30.06.2019  Version 5.22-18 fixed bug 'no highscores' for LISY1