Bild in Lightbox öffnen (open image in lightbox). LISY1 in a Gottlieb Charlies Angels pinball machine

Gottlieb System1 games supported

Cleopatra - Sinbad - Joker Poker - Dragon - Close Encounters of the Third Kind - Charlie's Angels - Solar Ride - Count-Down - Pinball Pool- Totem - The Incredible Hulk - Genie - Buck Rogers - Torch - Roller Disco - Asteroid Annie and the Aliens


Hardware Version 5.1

The PCB can easily be ordered at '' with the following link:

Caution: make sure you order 'HD Service' from Aisler not the Blitz Service. With Blitz Service the cutouts (gaps) within the Edge Connectors will not be made, as they are smaller then 2,4mm, which is the minimum for Blitz Service. Costs for Blitz & HD Service are the same, only production time is longer for HD Service.

From Aisler you need to order at least 3 PCBs. If you do not need three PCB and do not have pinballfriends to share LISY with, send me a mail; I will try coordinate sharing for you.

PIC Software is included in the LISY Image and can be programmed to the PICs via an integrated PIC programmer.

Digikey BOM is work in  progress

Hardware version 1.4

For Hardware Version 1.4 you need the possibility to program PICs. In the past I did sell the so called 'Base Sets' ( PCB plus programmed PICs). With the latest Hardware Version the PICs can be programmed with the LISY integrated PIC programmer and the PCBs can be ordered at