Bild in Lightbox öffnen (open image in lightbox). LISY1 in a Gottlieb Charlies Angels pinball machine

Gottlieb System1 games supported

Cleopatra - Sinbad - Joker Poker - Dragon - Close Encounters of the Third Kind - Charlie's Angels - Solar Ride - Count-Down - Pinball Pool- Totem - The Incredible Hulk - Genie - Buck Rogers - Torch - Roller Disco - Asteroid Annie and the Aliens


Hardware Version 1.5

The PCB can easily be ordered at '' with the following link:

Hardware version 1.4

For Hardware Version 1.4 you need the possibility to program PICs. In the past I did sell the so called 'Base Sets' ( PCB plus programmed PICs). With the latest Hardware Version the PICs can be programmed with the LISY integrated PIC programmer and the PCBs can be ordered at