With LISY35 you can control Bally & Stern Games manufactured from 1977 to 1985.

LISY35 is still in testing phase, however many games do already work well.

See 'detailed status' at the end of the page to see if your pinball is already tested)



25.07.2017    Start of testphase I ( HW version 1.0) ( 5 tester)

20.11.2018    Start of testphase II ( HW version 1.2 ) ( 25 tester)

3.05.2019    Start of testphase III ( HW Version 1.3 )

LISY35 in a Mata Hari Bally pinball machine

Software (PICs)

latest versions:
Software Switch PIC has version 4.01
Software Display PIC has version 4.05
Software Coil PIC has version 4.17



16.5.2019: PCB HW Version 1.3 in production, waiting for delivery

24.5.2019: PCB delivered, Need to be soldered and tested

30.5.2019: HW 1.3 succesfully tested, send to testers