LCD display for system1/80/80A/80B

Want a LCD Display for your test bench? UseGODI180!

components needed:

  • a HD44780 compatible Display 4 rows, 20 Digits
  • PIC 18F45K22 (plus my Software, see below)
  • a 5K Potentiometer
  • one HCF4071 ( QUAD OR GATE)

In case you are not able to program the PIC yourself just contact me, I can send you a programmed PIC at my cost price plus shipping.

Note: the PIC program MUST to be programmed in High Voltage mode,
which is NOT supported by my PIC programmer.
You may want to purchase a cheap pickit3 clone for that e.g. this one

For the 4x20 LCD display you can use the one from the 'Reichelt shop cart' or any other HD44780 compatible display ( LCD display on Aliexpress )

boot message
strobe scan