Gottlieb U2U3 Adapter

Gottlieb MPU adapter for combining U2&U3 roms

This is a project back from 2016. The adapter is very similar to the Gottlieb 80B 'Piggyback' and can be used as a direct replacement. On an 80 or 80A board it is also possible to combine old U2&U3 2332 roms into one more 'modern' 2764 EPROM.

The adapter will be placed at the original location of 'U3'

In addition to the PCB you need the (programmed) 2764 Eprom for your game, two adapter strips, a 74LS04 TTL IC and an IC socket for the 2764 Eprom.

the adapter PCB
adapter strip 
Prototype placed on a Gottlieb System80 MPU