'GoPOP' a System80 pop bumber driver

This will replace your old System80 Pop Bumper Driver Boards (PBDB) and give you the opportunity to add These devices to your System1 game. It comes with LEDs to control 5 Volt and Solenoid power, a test button, an adjustable debounce routine and with adjustment for pulse-time easily done by jumpering.

Find below all Information you need to produce this. If you do not have a PIC programmer by hand, you may also want to have a look to one at my other projects and make a PIC programmer too.


Gerber data updated to V1.2

difference PCB v1.0 & v1.2

Hardware v1.2 has only one connection in addition compared to v1.0.

If you want to use 'LVP Mode' version with v1.0 connect pin7 of the PIC to GND (see picture below).

LVP mode version of the software can be programmed with my pic programmer.

needed mod when using PCB v1.0 together with my LVP mode program