Bally Lamp, Sound & Solenoidtester

With a PIC and a Display with 4 lines / 20 characters

Code based on the LISY35 PIC code

Software Version 0.2 available now


The Bally tester PCB comes with 3 connectors (J1, J2, J3) which are pin compatible to the connectors available on the original MPU. Connection of J1 is needed as a minimum as the tester is powered via J1 pin 16&17 (5Volt) and J1 pin 18&19 (GND). Connection of J2 and J3 are optional, depending of the things you want to test.


J1 (Equivalent to J4 on MPU): 5Volt power supply of tester PCB; test Sound & Solenoids; test zero cross signal (LED on PCB)

J2 (Equivalent to J1 on MPU): test lamps

 J3 (Equivalent to J3 on MPU): only needed if you want to start/stop the current test from 

'outside' the cabinet with the credit button of the pinball (same function as OK/Enter button 

on the PCB)

The 4 switches in S6 “Pre-Select” are for future use and have no function with the current software version.

available Options in menu

press OK switch to start

select Options by pushing left/right arrow within line 1 & 2

select numbers by pushing right arrow, adjust numbers with up/down arrow, confirm numbers by Pressing OK

test starts by pressing OK switch ( Cursor in Position 1, line 1-4 )