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Williams ( and Data East) LCD display

The intention is to have something to test display output on the bench without the need for high voltage.

It is prepared to support also LED Modules with a HUB75 interface (not implemented yet)

All Williams System3 up to System11 and Data East (non DMD) gam,es are supported.

Software is still under development! Let me know if you facing errors.

soldered - you need to add plugin sockets for the display and for ICSP programming
For the 4x20 LCD display you can use any other HD44780 compatible display ( LCD display on Aliexpress )

WillDisp is using an integrated (SMD) PIC device ( PIC18F67K40 ). The PIC can be programmed with e.g. a PICKIT3


Connect Power, Strobes, Display BCD and Display Data to the corresponding connectors on your MPU.

Instead of the power connector you can also use the 2-pin connector on the left and connect 5Volt there.

With the 'STEP' switch you can change display mode between:

System3, System7, System11-Numeric, System11-Alphanumeric and DIAG.

Willdisp will store the last mode set to the internal EEprom and start with this mode next time.

how to order your  WillDisp

Have a look to the PCB documentation section.

Needed Gerber Data, BOM and Component Placement List (CPL) you find on my repository server

or (new!) use the 'one click order at PCBWAY with link below

WillDisp in action on WillFA11 emulating a William SYS11 Diner