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LISY embedded

With LISY embedded your game is ready after around 25 seconds (Standard LISY needs around 45 seconds). However with LISY embedded you have no Network, no LISYControl and no boot options at all. 

NEW! LISY embedded also supports the Banana M2 Zero and supports APC (v03)

LISY embedded do boot straigth into your selected game.

It is made with Buildroot and based on my latest LISY test image

Currently in testing phase!

You need to select the right image for your type of Raspberry PI.

The image can be written to the SD card ( 1GByte Minimum) with Win32Diskmanager or with USBImager. With USBImager you can write the image in compressed (gz) format, no need to uncompress beforehand! ( you find the USBImager v1.0.8 on my server here).

Just the same way you do with the 'big' LISY image. (have a look to the user manual)

Raspberry PI zero ( image pi0_vXX..img)
Raspberry PI zero W( image pi0w_vXX..img)

Raspberry PI 2W  ( image pi2w_vXX..img)
Banana PI M2 Zero( ( image m2zero_vXX..img)