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latest news

29.05.2024 - Atari Score Display now can be preassembled by JLCPCB.

21.04.2024 - First release of WillFA11 together with FPGA board v5 (v5 is needed for WillFA11). Still only support for Williams SYS11C & early Data East (without DMD). More games will be added over time.

13.03.2024 - LCD testdisplay for Recel3 and early anouncement of RecelFA (replacement CPU for Recel3 games) and RecelDiag ( tester for Switches, Coils and Lamps on Recel3 games)

17.02.2024 - LCD testdisplay (and more) for Williams System3..11 & Data East. See also my review about my second testorder at PCBWay.

10.02.2024 - SMD version of my DIY USB Blaster. Much cheaper then the 'DIP version' and it fits to the standard US Blaster case.

31.01.2024 - another Variant (v4) of my FPGA Cyclone IV board. It is cheaper then my v3 board with same functionality.

26.01.2024 - (software) bugfix for WillFA7 which solves truncated speeches ( v1.12 CycloneII and v2.12 for CycloneIV FPGA ). See my software repository.

21.01.2024 - updated PICKIT3 page with great new software tool (thanks to Jean-Paul for the link)

18.01.2024 - print your display baffle for my Bally 7digit displays

09.01.2024 - new hardware version v1.30 for WillFA7 (bugfix) plus modification needed for v1.2x

07.01.2024 - Lamp & Switch 'benchtester' for Williams System3 .. 11 games

06.01.2024 - short article about best to use SD cards with my FPGA boards

26.12.2023 - New version 1.4 of my Bally 7digit display. For the version with preassembled LED digits you can also do a 'one click' order at PCBWay now! See also my review with a comparison of ordering at JLCPCB & PCBWay.

24.12.2023 - Version2 of battery eliminator added. V2 supports Gottlieb SYS1 & Atari Gen2

30.11.2023 - battery eliminator for Gottlieb SYS80 MPUs (NVRAM dual CS) 

29.11.2023 - with latest software v0.90 GODISP80B do now provide an online menu to set the brightness of the LEDs. 20 levels can be set.

24.11.2023 - I created FPGA SW versions for my Cyclone IV dev board which can be alternatively used now for BallyFA, GottFA80, GottFA1 and GottFA1_PLuS. See link to my FPGA Software repository in the respective section

30.10.2023 - v1.09 for WillFA7. Pulsetime adjustment for special solenoids and support of Defender & Star Light (together with Cyclone IV board) added.

10.10.2023 - Early anouncement of WillFA11, a replacement MPU for Data East and Williams System9 to 11C.

08.10.2023 - 'Say it again' replacement board

24.09.2023 - DIY version with working JTAG mode of USB Blaster available

23.09.2023 - Note: JLCPCB has changed the way they check CPL/BOM consistency. Now an error message is popping up in case there are parts in the CPL which are not in the BOM ( "  designators don't exist in the CPL file.) Former checks did ignore this ... I need to adapt all my CPL files which will take some time. In the meantime 'usually' you can ignore this error message.

22.09.2023 - finally my GODISP_DMD, a replacement display for Gottlieb 80B & SYS3 ( MA-644, MA-999 & MA-1361) is ready.

14.09.2023 - added attract mode for Gottlieb System1 games with GottFA1 / GottFA1_PLuS and latest software version (0.98). Check out the new 'Attract mode page' on how to use it.

10.09.2023 - new GottFA1_PLuS hardware version. As the voltage regulator IC TL783 has good availibility again (its included now in the JLCPCB parts list) with latest HW version (v1.41) I changed back to this regulator again.

15.08.2023 - new Heatsink, which is in Stock at JLCPCB, for GottFA80_PLuS (v104)

29.07.2023 - early anouncement of v1.0 of GODISP_DMD, a replacement display for Gottlieb 80B & SYS3 ( MA-644, MA-999 & MA-1361), coming soon

19.06.2023 - new software version v0.2 for my Bally LED anti flicker solution, v0.1 did not work on some systems

15.06.2023 - read the note about possible solder bridges with WillFA7

13.06.2023 - adapter to use standard 0.8" 7segment LEDs in replacement for obsolete MAN8610

30.05.2023 - yet another Bally LED anti flicker solution

27.05.2023 - LISY 5.27 moved to 'old'. Stable version is now 5.28-87. Have a look at the LISY software page.

13.05.2023 - New DIY FPGA development board based on Cyclone IV available. This board is needed if you plan to use GottFA80 with one of the 'late' Gottlieb 80B games.

10.05.2023 - Gottlieb MPU adapter for combining U2&U3 roms

07.05.2023 - WillFA7 v1.2 with 'DIP MOSFETs' for easy replacement

29.04.2023 - Please note that all of my work is licensed under 'Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International (CC BY-SA 4.0)' This means you can use my work even commercially as long as you give appropriate credit. For me this means it is OK if you just keep the text on my PCBs which usually have a link to and do not try to hide it. Thanks

26.03.2023 - BallyFA latest Software version do support 'flicker free' LEDs without additional hardware needed. Just set option DIP 4 to ON

11.03.2023 - Williams MPU 'WillFA7' hardware update to version 1.1

23.02.2023 - Williams MPU 'WillFA7' Software version 1.05 now supports system7 games.