latest news

19.01.2022 new version (v115) of BallyFA FPGA software which solved bug with Bally 'comboboards' ( Grand Slam & Goldball ). Software repository for BallyFA including Changelog added. Will move Software, Gerber, ... to similar repositories soon.

26.12.2021 Power supplies for System1 added. LISY/GottFA version and Gottlieb version available

03.12.2021 new Gosof SB HW version with JLCPCB preassembling and support of Sys1,80,80A & 80B

30.11.2021 split LISY image into 'stable' and 'test' version

29.11.2021 update LISY to 5.27-67 which solved a bug with PI Zero and Gottlieb System80B

18.11.2021 preassembled (by JLC) version of LISY80 ( LISY80 SMD) available, functionality to be confirmed!

16.11.2021 preassembled (by JLC) version of LISY1 ( LISY1 SMD) available

30.10.2021 bugfix for GottFA Hardware v1.0 (non working 80B display) 0.96 -> 0.97

28.10.2021 new software for Gosof80 DIP (v0.6) with support for all System80 &80A soundboards

24.10.2021 alternative LISY1 6.0 PCB with JLC preassembling available.

24.09.2021 new software (v0.3) for Gosof80 DIP with support for all Gottlieb MA55 soundboards

22.09.2021 new software for Gosof80 DIP with support for all Gottlieb MA216 & MA390 soundboards

17.09.2021 software update PIC programmer, bugfix autodetect and added latest hex files. BallyFA v1.041 added (small bugfix compared to v1.04)

08.09.2021 Due to changes on JLCPCB side some of my BOM files were rejected. I corrected the files, which should work now. If not, please let me know!

22.08.2021 BallyFA v1.04 with SMD SD cardholder & optional JLCPCB  handsoldering

19.08.2021 new LCD displays for Atari Generation 1

01.08.2021 GottFA80 update to v4.1. Now supporting ALL System80/80A/80B games

11.07.2021 update LISY  to v5.27-62 ; GottFA80 v096 relased

30.05.2021 Gosof80 'DIP' version is back! ( due to unavailibility of FPGA chips)

23.05.2021 new Gottlieb 6 to 7 conversion LED display and anouncement of 80B display prototype

13.05.2021 Gottlieb Test display: recommended stability update version 0.82! Plus new feature: last mode setting will be saved to PIC and selected automatically after next start.

12.05.2021 BOM for Bally and Gottlieb displays adjusted, replaced 10K SMD variable resistor with 20K

01.04.2021 Version 1.1 for Gottlieb 7digit display, BOM files updated for all Gottlieb displays

30.03.2021 Version 1.12 for BallyFa FPGA; more SD card types supported

21.03.2021 Version 1.3 of Bally displays and a case for my PIC programmer

01.03.2021 LISY Version 5.27-39

28.02.2021 Gottlieb Soundcard 'Gosof' v1.2 released

20.02.2021 new version of Gopop80 together with a hex file which can be used  with my pic programmer

11.02.2021 version 1.2 of Bally displays available

04.02.2021 LISY Version 5.27-23 with beta support for Williams SYS3,4 and 6 with APC 

30.01.2021 LISY Version 5.27-19

23.01.2021 new version 0.93 for GottFA80; PCB page updated

12.01.2021 Website cleanup and Gorat80 added

09.01.2021 version 1.0 Bally displays released

04.01.2021 new Gottlieb Soundboard in development, old versions discontinued

30.12.2020 Bally Displays updated, new section Gotllieb displays

28.12.2020 LISY Version 5.27-4 solves a bug with LISY_control (Bad Gateway)  

26.12.2020 LISY Version 5.27-3 with support of APC 3.0

12.12.2020 new LISY image 5.27-1

25.11.2020 new supported gameslist for BallyFA, 4 Stern games added

18.11.2020 BallyFA and GottFA80 ready

15.11.2020 Gottlieb LCD Testdisplay 'Godi180' ready

05.09.2020 new image 5.26-26. Sound extensions for LISY35 and solves I2C problem with 5.26-19

01.09.2020 new section FPGA MPUs

25.08.2020 updatet history section

23.08.2020 added Gerber Data for LISY_Home, Solenoidboard, Displayboard and Ws2812B_driverboard

19.11.2019 LIYS Image update to 5.25-15 with support of latest Raspberry 4B+

11.11.2019 LISY35 Hardware Version 1.5 released