latest news

27.05.2023 - LISY 5.27 moved to 'old'. Stable version is now 5.28-87. Have a look at the LISY software page.

13.05.2023 - New DIY FPGA development board based on Cyclone IV available. This board is needed if you plan to use GottFA80 with one of the 'late' Gottlieb 80B games.

10.05.2023 - Gottlieb MPU adapter for combining U2&U3 roms

07.05.2023 - WillFA7 v1.2 with 'DIP MOSFETs' for easy replacement

29.04.2023 - Please note that all of my work is licensed under 'Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International (CC BY-SA 4.0)' This means you can use my work even commercially as long as you give appropriate credit. For me this means it is OK if you just keep the text on my PCBs which usually have a link to and do not try to hide it. Thanks

26.03.2023 - BallyFA latest Software version do support 'flicker free' LEDs without additional hardware needed. Just set option DIP 4 to ON

11.03.2023 - Williams MPU 'WillFA7' hardware update to version 1.1

23.02.2023 - Williams MPU 'WillFA7' Software version 1.05 now supports system7 games.

10.02.2023 - Williams MPU 'WillFA7' version 1.0 available. Join the beta testphase!

08.02.2023 - JLCPCB changed the ordering process and the way they process CPL files. Some off my Excel CPL files do have more than one sheet, which is not supported anymore. I will update my CPL files, in case you find a CPL file which is not accepted by JLCPCB please let me know ( contact). I will also update the doc for ordering PCBs at JLCPCB ASAP.

07.02.2023 - new GOSOF HW 2.2 ( pots changed); software 0.7 now supports Rocky with speech

27.01.2023 - New SD Image (105) for BallyFA. corrected Roms for Goldball, added Speakeasy 4 player version

14.01.2023 - New hardware revision 1.3 of GottFA1_PluS, using a step-down controller instead of high voltage TL783 chip.

11.01.2023 - Williams MPU 'WillFA7' prototype in testing phase

06.01.2023 - DIY Altera FPGA dev board now available.

01.12.2022 - software update (v09) for EP2C5T144 FPGA tester (v03 had false positives)

02.11.2022 - BallyFA HW 1.11 Together with SW 1.18 it solves a bug with Cheap Squeak Soundboards.

24.10.2022 - GODRI1 driverboard for Gottlieb System1

23.10.2022 - GODISP80B - replacement display for System80B MA-644

11.10.2022 - Repro of System1 Chime Board (Tone Board)

24.09.2022 - GottFA80 v1.1, based on v1.0 but with JLCPCB preassembling service. Minimal soldering needed.

12.09.2022 - double-sided versions for Gottlieb edge connectors added

05.09.2022 - System1 power supply reported to work (thx for feedback!) PCB picture added.

03.09.2022 - Ethernet Adapter for Banana PI M2 Zero

12.08.2022 - PSY80B ( replacement power supply A2 for Gottlieb system80B) succesfully tested and pictures added

08.08.2022 LISY embedded v03 now works with APC.

23.07.2022 -  I had reports that BallyFA version 1.10 does not work in all cases. I'm currently investigating and hope to find a solution. So I went back to version 1.06 !!!

19.07.2022 - introducing testing phase of PSY80B which replaces power supply A2 for Gottlieb system80B

16.07.2022 support of Banana PI M2 Zero with LISY embedded. Now you have an alternative to the Raspberry PI.

12.07.2022 introducing testing phase of LISY embedded. Many people do not like the long boot times with LISY boards. With LISY embedded, based on Buildroot, your game is ready in less than 25 seconds!

02.07.2022 introducing testing phase of GottFA80_PLuS, the 'all in one' MPU forGottlieb System80

21.06.2022 set of hex files PIC18F45K42 for LISY35 ready. Anyone willing to test?

04.06.2022 EP2C5T144 FPGA tester

01.06.2022 hex code & gerber for Gottlieb System80 Lamp, Sound & Solenoidtester available

29.05.2022 set of hex files PIC18F45K42 for LISY1 ready. Anyone willing to test?

25.05.2022 GOSOMU (Soundboard adapter) reported to work

25.05.2022 print your Gottlieb Edge Connectors

14.05.2022 introducing testing phase of GODRI80 driverboard for Gottlieb System80

12.05.2022 introducing testing phase of "GOSOMU repair your original Gottlieb Soundboard"

06.05.2022 update to PHAT Soundboard (v1.3)

05.05.2022 LED tester for Gottlieb SYS80 driverboard

01.05.2022 JLCPCB inventory shortage keeping me busy :-( updated BOM for Gottlieb & Bally displays

27.04.2022 first LISY80 PIC programm versions for PIC18F45K42 type PICs which will replace the obsolete PIC type PIC18F45K22. (programming with internal LISY programmer not possible yet). Also updated my DIY PIC programmer to support K42 PICs.

18.04.2022 User manual for LISY and GottFA1 now also in German, thanks to Peter for providing it. ( Die Anleitungen für LISY und GottFA1 jetzt auch in einer deutschen Version, vielen Dank an Peter für das Bereitstellen )

10.04.2022 new BOM and PCB layout for LISY80_SMD and GottFA1 ( inventory shortage at JLCPCB)

09.04.2022 my 'all in one' MPU for Gottlieb System1 is succesfully tested and ready for ordering. Look at GottFA1_PLuS (Power, Lamps und Solenoids) pages.

26.03.2022 update BallyFA Gerber to 1.06 because of changed housing 74HC4050. ( inventory shortage at JLCPCB)

05.03.2022 Introducing GottFA1_PLuS and Gottlieb System80B LED display. Both projects are currently in testing phase

16.02.2022 moved software repository to because most browser do not allow download from http sites anymore. Hope I have fixed all links, please let me know if you have still problems downloading files from

15.02.2022 update LISY to 5.27-68 with a small LISY35 bugfix for Xs and Os; King of Steels, Black Pyramid and Cybernaut (wrong second Lampdriverboard in lisy35games.csv). New cfg can also be found in my software repository.

12.02.2022 Gottlieb System1 replacement MPU GottFA1 v1.0 ready! Better compatibility to original MPU and faster boot but less Features compared to LISY1

27.01.2022 GottFA80 v5.0 for Gottlieb System80 with an available FPGA ready. Introducing of GottFA1 for Gottlieb System1 (testing phase).

19.01.2022 new version (v115) of BallyFA FPGA software which solved bug with Bally 'comboboards' ( Grand Slam & Goldball ). Software repository for BallyFA including Changelog added. Will move Software, Gerber, ... to similar repositories soon.

26.12.2021 Power supplies for System1 added. LISY/GottFA version and Gottlieb version available

03.12.2021 new Gosof SB HW version with JLCPCB preassembling and support of Sys1,80,80A & 80B

30.11.2021 split LISY image into 'stable' and 'test' version

29.11.2021 update LISY to 5.27-67 which solved a bug with PI Zero and Gottlieb System80B

18.11.2021 preassembled (by JLC) version of LISY80 ( LISY80 SMD) available, functionality to be confirmed!

16.11.2021 preassembled (by JLC) version of LISY1 ( LISY1 SMD) available

30.10.2021 bugfix for GottFA Hardware v1.0 (non working 80B display) 0.96 -> 0.97

28.10.2021 new software for Gosof80 DIP (v0.6) with support for all System80 &80A soundboards

24.10.2021 alternative LISY1 6.0 PCB with JLC preassembling available.

24.09.2021 new software (v0.3) for Gosof80 DIP with support for all Gottlieb MA55 soundboards

22.09.2021 new software for Gosof80 DIP with support for all Gottlieb MA216 & MA390 soundboards

17.09.2021 software update PIC programmer, bugfix autodetect and added latest hex files. BallyFA v1.041 added (small bugfix compared to v1.04)

08.09.2021 Due to changes on JLCPCB side some of my BOM files were rejected. I corrected the files, which should work now. If not, please let me know!

22.08.2021 BallyFA v1.04 with SMD SD cardholder & optional JLCPCB  handsoldering

19.08.2021 new LCD displays for Atari Generation 1

01.08.2021 GottFA80 update to v4.1. Now supporting ALL System80/80A/80B games

11.07.2021 update LISY  to v5.27-62 ; GottFA80 v096 relased

30.05.2021 Gosof80 'DIP' version is back! ( due to unavailibility of FPGA chips)

23.05.2021 new Gottlieb 6 to 7 conversion LED display and anouncement of 80B display prototype

13.05.2021 Gottlieb Test display: recommended stability update version 0.82! Plus new feature: last mode setting will be saved to PIC and selected automatically after next start.

12.05.2021 BOM for Bally and Gottlieb displays adjusted, replaced 10K SMD variable resistor with 20K

01.04.2021 Version 1.1 for Gottlieb 7digit display, BOM files updated for all Gottlieb displays

30.03.2021 Version 1.12 for BallyFa FPGA; more SD card types supported

21.03.2021 Version 1.3 of Bally displays and a case for my PIC programmer

01.03.2021 LISY Version 5.27-39

28.02.2021 Gottlieb Soundcard 'Gosof' v1.2 released

20.02.2021 new version of Gopop80 together with a hex file which can be used  with my pic programmer

11.02.2021 version 1.2 of Bally displays available

04.02.2021 LISY Version 5.27-23 with beta support for Williams SYS3,4 and 6 with APC 

30.01.2021 LISY Version 5.27-19

23.01.2021 new version 0.93 for GottFA80; PCB page updated

12.01.2021 Website cleanup and Gorat80 added

09.01.2021 version 1.0 Bally displays released

04.01.2021 new Gottlieb Soundboard in development, old versions discontinued

30.12.2020 Bally Displays updated, new section Gotllieb displays

28.12.2020 LISY Version 5.27-4 solves a bug with LISY_control (Bad Gateway)  

26.12.2020 LISY Version 5.27-3 with support of APC 3.0

12.12.2020 new LISY image 5.27-1

25.11.2020 new supported gameslist for BallyFA, 4 Stern games added

18.11.2020 BallyFA and GottFA80 ready

15.11.2020 Gottlieb LCD Testdisplay 'Godi180' ready

05.09.2020 new image 5.26-26. Sound extensions for LISY35 and solves I2C problem with 5.26-19

01.09.2020 new section FPGA MPUs

25.08.2020 updatet history section

23.08.2020 added Gerber Data for LISY_Home, Solenoidboard, Displayboard and Ws2812B_driverboard

19.11.2019 LIYS Image update to 5.25-15 with support of latest Raspberry 4B+

11.11.2019 LISY35 Hardware Version 1.5 released