WillFA11 - MPU replacement for SYS11 & Data East

In early testing phase!

Goal is to be able to replace Williams SYS9...SYS11 & Data East MPUs.

Phase one is limited to MPUs without an integrated Soundboard ( DE & SYS11C).

In phase two I will try to replace the integrated soundboards from SYS9...SYS11B too.

Current status ( January 2024):

- 100% working Poolsharks (SYS11C)

- 70% Cyclon (SYS11B): sound(as expected) & not showing stucked switches at startup

- 90% Dr. Dude (SYS11C): 5 seconds delay between ball change

- 50% Frankenstein (Data East v3): DMD only working few seconds at game start, gameplay too fast

Data East DMD need a seperate connector ( no workaround possible with HW v0.7). I'm working on a HW version 0.9 which will also fix the other found HW issues with HW v0.7 where we have a workaround available.

Software tests ongoing ...

WillFA11 on the desk.