GOSOMU repair your original Gottlieb Soundboard

Gottlieb System1 'Multisound' and System80 'MA55' soundboards do use a RRIOT 6530 chip and a 'biprom', both are not available anymore. With GOttlieb SOund MUlti you can repair your original 'small' Gottlieb Soundboards by using a RIOT6532 and a standard 27512 eprom.

GOSOMU is a 'piggy back' board and will be placed in the RRIOT6532 socket.

With the onboard DIP switch and a prepaired eprom you can select in which game you want it to use.

In additon to the components in the Reichelt shop cart you need a 6532RIOT

V1.2 soldered
v1.2 back
SB prepared (socket )
v1.2 installed