GOSOMU repair your original Gottlieb Soundboard

Gottlieb System1 'Multisound' and System80 'MA55' soundboards do use a RRIOT 6530 chip and a 'biprom', both are not available anymore. With GOttlieb SOund MUlti you can repair your original 'small' Gottlieb Soundboards by using a RIOT6532 and a standard 27512 eprom.

GOSOMU is a 'piggy back' board and will be placed in the RRIOT6532 socket.

With the onboard DIP switch and a prepaired eprom you can select in which game you want it to use.

In additon to the components in the Reichelt shop cart you need a 6532RIOT

V1.2 soldered
v1.2 back
SB prepared (socket )
v1.2 installed

how to program the 27512 eprom

For each game on the 27512 you need 2Kbyte of space. Just place the soundrom (1K) and the rom for the original RIOT (1K) in series.

Meaning on a 27512 eprom (64Kbyte) you can place 32 different games.

A sample selection is shown on the right.