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With LISY35 you can control Bally & Stern Games manufactured from 1977 to 1985.

This is the Version where many components are in SMD format

LISY35 SMD with pre assembled SMD parts
LISY35 SMD with all components

Hardware version 1.4.11

This is a clone of LISY35 Version 1.6 where most of the components are SMD, giving you the ability to let do the Assembly by your PCB manufacturer.

important notes

I have feedback from severall users reporting damaged SD cards after 2 weeks or so. At the moment I think thats because of poor quality of Intenso SD cards (which I have in my shop card). I do recommend spend a few bucks more and choose SD cards from e.g. Verbatim or Kingston instead.

Pin Headers in the Reichelt shop cart have 11mm height. For better contact use Pin Headers from Digikey with 13 mm height. Digikey Part: WM50017-36-ND

Mouser BOM. All parts except Raspberry PI. Provided by Steven.