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print your Gottlieb Edge Connectors

With Gottlieb System1 and System80 games it is always a good idea to replace the pins (crimps) in the edge connector housings. The housings are not available anymore, but the pins can be replaced by new ones (crimps). The crimps are still available; but what to do if the housing is broken or missing?

Use the JLCPCB 3D print service!

With the files below you can let produce one housing for around 2€, shipping, custom duties & taxes included!

Note: after your order JLCPCB usually will come back to you, telling that the dimensions of the files are 'a bit small'. You need to accept the risk that the prints may not be 100% accurate. I did order some testprints ( May 2022 ) and all housings and new crimps are fitting perfectly. See picture on the right for product details.

The stl files for System80 are provided by pinhead 'Andreas', many thanks to him!

Gottlieb System80 MPU (A1) Edge connectors
Gottlieb System80 driverboard (A3) Edge connectors

A1-J4 & A3-J1 (double sided) On my repository you will find two versions. With the "xx_original.stl" files you have use the special  Gottlieb 'double-sided' crimps, where with the other version you can use the same crimps you use for the single sided connectors.

The files below are a copy of work done by 'Lucxor' which can be found on Thingiverse

Note: The System1 'interconnect' connectors A1J5 & A3J1 are not created by Luxcor, however ( if you can life with the slightly different layout) you can use the System80 connector A1J2 instead!

Gottlieb System1 MPU (A1) Edge connectors J2,J3,J5 and J6

Gottlieb System1 driverboard (A3) Edge connectors J2,J3,J4 and J5. ( I did not do a JLCPCB testprinting of these so far ...)


Crimp contact for single sided connectors ( link to German shop)
Crimp contact for double sided connectors ( link to German shop)
Needed only for the 'original' double sided connectors! With the double sided A1-J4 & A3-J1 connectors above you can use the crimps for single sided!

connector compatibility

you can use: 

SYS80-A1-J6 for Gottlieb 4-digit, 6-digit and 80B(MA-644) displays

SYS80-A1-J2 for Gottlieb 7-digit displays