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WillFA7 - a Williams MPU based on a low cost FPGA

This is a 1:1 functional replacement of a Williams MPU (System3 up to System7) including the driver board!

WillFA7 comes with a 'special handling of the special solenoids'  Even if the special solenoid switch gets stuck, the related special solenoid will pulse and not permanently activated.

BOM and CPL provided do include all DIP sockets using the 'hand soldering' service from JLC. 

You only need to purchase the DIP chips, the SD card and the Cyclone II board and place them on the board. After programming the FPGA ( USB Blaster needed) and writing my rom image onto the SD card you will have a full functional board. Have a look to the user manual for details.

Firepower with original MPU and driverboard
Both replaced. WillFA7 will be mounted on the lower two mounting holes of the old driverboard.

All System3 .. System7 Williams games are reported to work!

Hot Tip - Lucky Seven - World Cup - Contact - Disco Fever - Pokerino 

Phoenix - Flash - Stellar Wars - Tri Zone - Time Warp - Gorgar 

Laser Ball - Firepower - Blackout  - Scorpion - Algar - Alien Poker 

Black Knight - Jungle Lord - Pharaoh - Solar Fire - Barracora - Cosmic Gunfight 

Varkon - Warlok - Time Fanatsy - Joust - Firepower II - Laser Cue 

Defender(*) - Star Light(*)

(*) not supported with Cyclone II, for these games you need my Cyclone IV board.

WillFA7 v1.2 preassembled by JLCPCB

WillFA7 v1.2 complete

v1.0 bench testing with my diag board

new hardware version 1.3 ( with bugfix of v1.2x )

With some games there were occasional false sounds during gameplay. This was because of a small bug with hardware version1.2x and earlier. With v1.3 I connected Solenoid, Lamp and Power grounds which solved the problem. See below modifications needed for v1.2x

For solenoid GND add solder bridge to 2J10
For lamp GND add solder bridge to 2J6

parts needed

In additon to the WillFA7 PCB preassembled by JLCPCB you need a few ICs, a micro SD card, a FPGA and an USB Blaster to be able to program your FPGA. Have a look at my FPGA page to select which one you want to use.

For the other parts see the Reichelt shop cart.

additional parts needed

Documentation & Software

how to order your WillFA7 PCB

Have a look to the PCB documentation section.

Needed Gerber Data, BOM and Component Placement List (CPL) you find on my repository server