With LISY35 you can control Bally & Stern Games manufactured from 1977 to 1985.

LISY35 in a Mata Hari Bally pinball machine

Games supported

With the latest LISY Hard- & Software the following Bally games are supported

Freedom; Night Rider; Evel Knievel; Eight Ball; Power Play; Mata Hari
Strikes and Spares; Black Jack; Lost World; The Six Million Dollar Man; Playboy
Voltan Escapes Cosmic Doom; Supersonic; Star Trek; Paragon; Harlem Globetrotters
Dolly Parton; Kiss; Future Spa; Space Invaders; Nitro Groundshaker; Silverball Mania
Rolling Stones; Mystic; Hot Doggin; Viking; Skateball; Frontier; Xenon
Flash Gordon; Eight Ball Deluxe; Fireball II; Embryon; Fathom; Medusa; Centaur
Elektra; Vector; Spectrum; Speakeasy; Speakeasy ( 2 Player);Rapid Fire
Mr. & Mrs. Pac-Man; BMX; Grand Slam; Grand Slam (2 Player ); Gold Ball; X's & O's
Kings of Steel; Black Pyramid; Spy Hunter; Fireball Classic; Cybernaut; Mystic Star

Latest information on using LISY35 for Stern pinball games: I got a message telling that me that all Stern Games do control the soundboard via connector 'J5'.

 J5 is not available with LISY35!.

So you can use LISY35 to control your Stern pinball but cannot use the original Soundboard. For Sound you have to use LISY35 Soundcard (with 'wav' files) instead.

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Hardware Version 1.6

PIC Software is included in the LISY Image and can be programmed to the PICs via an integrated PIC programmer.

For ordering your PCB, look at my PCB section.

If you want to save time, have a look to LISY35-SMD where I do provide all data to order a PCB where most of the components are SMD, giving you the ability to let do the Assembly by your PCB manufacturer.

Note: Pin Headers in the Reichelt shop cart have 11mm height. For better contact use Pin Headers from Digikey with 13 mm height. Digikey Part: WM50017-36-ND