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LISY80 in  Gottlieb System80 pinball machine
LISY80, replacing a SYSTEM80B MPU

Gottlieb System80 games supported

Panthera - Spiderman - Circus - Counterforce - Star Race
James Bond - Time Line - Force II - Pink Panther - Mars - God of War
Volcano - Black Hole - Haunted House - Eclipse

Devils Dare - Rocky - Spirit - Punk -Striker - Krull
Q*Bert's Quest - Super Orbit - Royal Flush Deluxe - Goin' Nuts
Amazon Hunt - Rack 'Em Up - Ready...Aim...Fire! - Jacks To Open
Touchdown - Alien Star - The Games - El Dorado City of Gold - Ice Fever

Bounty Hunter - Chicago Cubs Triple Play - Tag Team - Rocky - Raven
Rock Encore - Hollywood Heat - Genesis - Gold Wings - Monte Carlo -Amazon Hunt II -
Spring Break - Arena - Victory - Diamond Lady - TX Sector - Robo War
Excalibur - Bad Girls - Big House - Hot Shots - Bone Busters Inc.


Hardware version 6.0

PIC Software is included in the LISY Image and can be programmed to the PICs via an integrated PIC programmer.

For ordering your PCB, look at my PCB section.

HW 6.0.3 assembled

Note: I have feedback from severall users reporting damaged SD cards after 2 weeks or so. At the moment I think thats because of poor quality of Intenso SD cards (which I have in my shop card). I do recommend spend a few bucks more and choose SD cards from e.g. Verbatim or Kingston instead.

Note2: In my Reichelt shop cart I have listed a CMOS  type (CD4050) for IC4, where my original design had foreseen a HC type (74HC4050). In most cases the CMOS type will work, however severall users reporting that with the CD4050 the 5Volt Power need to be set between 5.03 an 5.07 Volt! So if you want to be on the safe side better use a 74HC4050! 

Hardware version 6.01 (SMD) for JLC  preassembling

The schematic for this version is identical to the version above. For the components I replaced some with SMD equivalents and created a BOM and CPL for letting JLC preassembling the PCB for you.

The DIP components are included in the BOM. JLC will do place them via their 'hand soldering' service.

The optional sound addition is not included but you can purchase and solder it yourself if needed.

You only need to add (no soldering, sockets are already placed on the PCB) the Raspberry PI, a SD card, the 3 PICs and the two 595 ICs. ( see Reichelt shop cart ). All other parts will be assembled by JLC!

LISY80 SMD 6.0.4 preassembled by JLCPCB

how to order your LISY80 PCB

Have a look to the PCB documentation section.

Needed Gerber Data, BOM and Component Placement List (CPL) you find on my repository server