GottFA1_PLus - Power Supply, Lamp & Solenoiddriver included

Based on my GottFA1 MPU, but with integrated Power Supply and Driverboard.

When preassembled by JLCPCB  you only need to put some ICs into the sockets ( see my Reichelt shop cart), use 3 'M3' screw to fasten the voltage regulator on the heatsink and insert & program the CycloneII FPGA.

New: as the voltage regulator IC TL783 has good availibility again (its included now in the JLCPCB parts list) with latest HW version (v1.41) I changed back to this regulator again.

GottFA1_PLuS delivered by JLCPCB


Gottlieb System1 games supported

Cleopatra - Sinbad - Joker Poker - Dragon - Close Encounters of the Third Kind - Charlie's Angels - Solar Ride - Count-Down - Pinball Pool- Totem - The Incredible Hulk - Genie - Buck Rogers - Torch - Roller Disco - Asteroid Annie and the Aliens

parts needed

In additon to the GottFA1 PCB preassembled by JLCPCB you need a few ICs, a micro SD card, a FPGA and an USB Blaster to be able to program your FPGA.

Have a look at my FPGA page to select which one you want to use.

For the other parts see the Reichelt shop cart.

Parts from the Reichelt shop cart and the CycloneII FPGA development board.

Note: with Gottlieb it is always a good idea to replace the contacts in the edge connectors. This is also highly recommended for GottFA1!

Documentation & Software

Due to copyrigth on Gottlieb roms the SD card does not contain any rom code, but do provide the right structure for GottFA1_PLuS. Have a look at the user manual to see how you can copy your rom images onto the Sd card.

how to order your GottFA1_PLuS PCB

Have a look to the PCB documentation section.

Needed Gerber Data, BOM and Component Placement List (CPL) you find on my repository server

Note: due to an error in JLCPCB database when ordering the correct heatsink need to be manually selected
GottFA1_PLuS in a Gottlieb System1 Charlies Angels